BREAKING: Trump Caught Colluding With The ENEMY…Proves His Campaign Is A FARCE [DETAILS]

Trump, morals, what are those?

On Saturday, Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was caught exiting Trump’s plane. Lewandowski, who is a PAID CNN contributor, went to surprisingly great lengths to hide the fact that he flew with the mogul’s campaign Saturday.

Lewandowski was spotted disembarking from Trump’s plane, and was wearing a hoodie drawn over his face.

Trump famously calls CNN the “Clinton News Network”.

Now obviously this is shady for Trump…but it is also shady for CNN.

And most media types think this is straight out WRONG for CNN:

Lewandowski is obviously back “advising” Trump on his campaign, and was only fired after Trump’s kids forced him to do so. I am sure Trump thinks that he won all those primaries with Lewandowski by his side, he can only be helpful in these final days before the November election.

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