NEWS ALERT: Trump Makes HORRIFYING ANNOUNCEMENT About His Post-Election Plans

Let’s be real…Donald Trump isn’t going to win the White House. He is polling 12 points behind Hillary Clinton, and each and every day he seems to get a little more crazy.

But Trump has a backup plan, and it could be almost WORSE than if he won the presidency.

There have been whispers that if Trump loses, he will go into media, and form a network, The Trump News Network. And now, it looks like that will most likely happen.

According to the Financial Times, Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has held talks to proceed with a television startup on Trump’s behalf. Trump has in the past denied that he’s looking to start his own channel. He told The Washington Post just last month that he has “no interest” in a media company, despite the fact that digital-media entrepreneur and erstwhile Breitbart head Stephen Bannon is one of Trump’s top advisers and the CEO of his presidential campaign.

The danger in this is that a Trump network would most likely border on Alex Jones territory. Fox News is obviously an insane right wing network, but at least they TRY to be be balanced. For example, in Fox News last poll, Hillary was clearly ahead. But a Trump network? It would just be an avenue for the deplorables to get angry and fear monger, something we don’t need.

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