JUST IN: Prime Time FOX NEWS Host Comes Out As GAY, Network And Fans SHOCKED [DETAILS]

This has been a bit of an open secret for a while, but Fox News host Shepard Smith has come out as a homosexual in an interview with the Huffington Post.

It was often believed that Smith didn’t announce his sexuality because Roger Ailes didn’t want him to…but Smith said that is not the case. When asked whether Ailes ever used homophobic slurs wound him, Smith said, “No, never. He treated me with respect, just respect… he gave me every opportunity in the world and he never asked anything of me but that we get it right, try to get it right every day. It was a very warm and loving and comfortable place.”

Smith did discuss the recent sexual-harassment allegations that forced Ailes to resign from Fox, saying, “Trusts were betrayed. People outside this company can’t know [how painful that betrayal was]. This place has its enemies, but inside, it was very personal, and very scarring and horrifying.”

Again, this certainly wasn’t a big secret, but considering the fan base and demographics of Fox News, it’s viewers cannot be happy. After all, this is a group of people who don’t believe in gay marriage or rights for LGBT individuals.


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