WATCH: In Post-Debate Interview, Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway BETRAYS Trump On LIVE TV! (VIDEO)

Poor Kellyanne Conway, she has a lot of lies to keep straight!

Donald Trump’s newest schtick is to claim the election will be rigged…it will be his excuse when he loses the election to Hillary Clinton.

But it appears Trump’s campaign manager thinks differently. Kellyanne Conway said on Wednesday that she did not think the election will be rigged, though she argued that there’s “a larger conspiracy” working against her candidate.

“No, I do not believe that,” Kellyanne Conway said on MSNBC when asked whether she believes there will be widespread voter fraud in the election. “So absent overwhelming evidence that there is, it would not be for me to say that there is.”

Although she did add, “We know that people who are dead are still on the voter rolls. We know that people are voting a couple of different times in places. So you do hear reports here and there, but I think Donald Trump’s point is a larger one. You don’t want him to talk about the other stuff, but he does — you know, there is a larger conspiracy, larger collusion.”


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