BREAKING: After Seeing Dropping Poll Numbers, Trump Campaign Makes MASSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT

Sunday morning Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway made a startling admission…that Donald Trump is losing.

Conway said on NBC’s Meet the Press, “We are behind.” She then went on to make some excuses, saying, “She has some advantages, like $66 million in ad buys just in the month of September … She has a former president, happens to be her husband, campaigning for her. The current president and first lady, vice president, all much more popular than she can hope to be. And she’s seen as the incumbent.”

Yet that doesn’t mean Conway thinks all is lost for Trump. Quite the contrary. Conway suggested the polls aren’t capturing the enthusiasm she is seeing on the ground. On CNN, Conway criticized the media for publishing stories about how the race is over. “That is so unfair to the voters who have yet to go to the ballot box and exercise their constitutional rights to tell us who should be president of the United States and commander in chief,” she said. “Let me tell you, you go out on the road with Donald Trump and this election doesn’t feel over.”

So what do they plan to do? A “victory” bus tour.

A five-state swing of a campaign bus promoting Trump for president will start in Knoxville, Tennessee, and will also visit Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida.

Do you think it will work?

Let us know in the comments below!!!

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