JUST IN: Trump Campaign Manager HUMILIATED By CNN’s Jake Tapper, Caught In MAJOR Lie (VIDEO)

I bet no one is happier that the election is over in 17 days than Kellyanne Conway. Yes, she sold herself to the devil, but even the soulless get tired, right?

Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway appeared on CNN’s State of the Union, and host Jake Tapper got into a pretty feisty argument with Conway over everything from “Grievanceburg” to Trump’s cries of election rigging.

Tapper asked Conway whether she knew that Trump would open his big speech with a “list of grievances.” Conway initially pointed to the rest of the speech before saying, “He delivers his own speeches… He has a privilege to say what he wants.”

Conway attempted to shift things to WikiLeaks but Tapper pressed her on the substance of Trump’s “Drain the Swamp” pledge before getting around to the rigged election talk.

Tapper highlighted a clip of Conway, back when she was behind Ted Cruz months ago, saying Trump should stop whining about rigged systems. Conway insisted that was different and attempted to point to Al Gore.

Tapper said, “Back in April when you were working against Donald Trump, when you were working for Ted Cruz and advising his super PAC, you had some tough words for Mr. Trump when he was lashing out at the time against the system being rigged.”

In the video from April, Conway says, “We hear from the Trump campaign, the rules change, it’s not fair. He can whine and complain all he wants that he didn’t know the rules.”

Tapper then asked, “Is this a pattern with Mr. Trump? If he starts losing, he starts lashing out and calling the system corrupt and calling it rigged?”

“We love watching that clip together,” Conway quipped. “That was about what was happening on the weekends. When Donald Trump would win the vote, he would basically win all the electoral votes in a state, and on the weekends, the Cruz campaign would go back and follow the rules and get back some of those delegates. So no, it’s not a pattern for him.”


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