BREAKING: Leading Election Predictor Has GAME CHANGING News For Democrats This November!

The Cook Political Report is the LEADING independent, non-partisan online newsletter that analyzes elections, and they just announced that Democrats will retake the Senate this November!

Their report was released Tuesday morning, and said that Democrats will win five to seven Senate seats in November.

Cook Political Report‘s Senate analyst Jennifer Duffy wrote that it looks like Republicans have finally reached the point where they can no longer simply run their own races. They are being drowned out by their presidential nominee Donald Trump, and that ever since the infamous Access Hollywood tape surfaced of Trump making lewd comments, Republicans have been slowly losing in polls across the country.

Democrats need four seats to win control of the chamber assuming Hillary Clinton wins the White House (thanks to the vice president’s tie-breaker) or five without her.

Duffy wrote, “For much of the cycle, we have expected Democrats to score a net gain of between four and six seats. Since the release of the Access Hollywood tape, Senate Republicans have seen their fortunes dip, particularly in states like Florida, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada and Pennsylvania where Clinton has established a lead.”

While Cook still maintains there are seven toss-up races: Nevada, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Florida, Missouri, Indiana, Pennsylvania. Duffy explained that historically, one party typically wins the majority of those on the map.

“While the 2016 election has broken every political science rule and trend, we’d be surprised if this becomes one of them,” she said.

Now, on to the House!

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