Anti-Trump PAC Releases SCARIEST Ad Of The Presidential Campaign, Shows EXACTLY Why Trump Can’t Win (VIDEO)

Donald Trump likes nuclear weapons, and an anti-Trump PAC doesn’t want you to forget that.

A new TV ad evoking one of the most famous political ads in U.S. history is portraying Trump as too dangerous to be commander-in-chief. And it’s not subtle about it.

The ad is from the Fifty Second Street Fund, a newly formed super PAC targeting Ohio voters, and features footage of an atomic bomb detonating. “One nuclear bomb can kill a million people,” a narrator says as a mushroom cloud erupts. “That’s more than all the men, women and children living in Columbus, Ohio.”

The ad then features an exchange from a March 2016 town hall program during which MSNBC’s Chris Matthews presses Trump on why the United States shouldn’t rule out using nuclear weapons in war. “They’re hearing a guy running for president of the United States talking, maybe, about using nuclear weapons — nobody wants to hear that,” Matthews tells Trump.

“Then, why are we making them?” Trump fires back at Matthews.

The ad ends with the words “Be careful who you vote for” on screen as another nuclear bomb explodes.


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