Just Released Poll Shows INCREDIBLE SHIFT In Florida, This Is UNPRECEDENTED!

It’s looking more and more like Florida is the state that will decide this election. And a poll that was just released Tuesday afternoon shows that Hillary Clinton has a 3-point lead over Donald Trump, 48% to 45%.

Clinton’s lead is just outside the margin of error in the Bay News 9/News 13 Florida Decides survey. Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson gets 2%, and Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein gets 1%.

Pollsters are finding that both Clinton and Trump are deeply unpopular in the state. Fifty-five percent view both the GOP and Democratic nominee either unfavorably or “extremely” unfavorably, while 42 see Trump more or less favorably and 44 percent feel favorably about Clinton.

Bay News 9/News 13 Florida Decides conducted its latest poll of 1,314 likely registered voters in Florida via online and telephone interviews from Oct. 20-24. It has a 2.8 percent margin of error.

On Tuesday Trump acknowledged Florida as “must-win” for his plans of capturing the White House, saying, “I think that is probably true. I mean, I’m sitting down and figuring out alternative plans. I think we’re winning it big.”


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