BREAKING: Vladimir Putin Officially ENDORSES Donald Trump, Sends Giant “F*CK YOU” To Hillary And Obama (VIDEO)

This was probably expected, but still, it is shocking to say the least.

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke at the Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi on Thursday, an annual meeting between Russian and international scholars with senior-level Russian officials.

During his presentation, he was asked about whether Russian agents were responsible for the hacking of emails linked to the DNC and Clinton aide John Podesta. Putin denied it, sort of, saying that the idea was a false notion promoted by “those who represent the interests of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton against Mr. Trump, the representative of the Republican Party”:

How is this being done? First the image of an enemy is created. That enemy is Russia. Then it is declared that Trump is the Russian favorite. This is nonsense. This is just a way of political struggle, a way to manipulate public opinion on the eve of the election.

Then Putin discussed Trump, who he obviously has a huge affinity for:

As for Mr. Trump, he seems to have chosen his own method, his own way to appeal to the electorate. What way is this? He’s being quite extravagant, but I think that this has some underlying meaning because I believe he represents the interests of that part of the American society who are tired of the elite that has been in power for decades. He represents the interests of common people and is playing like a simple guy who criticizes those who have been in power for decades, who don’t like that power can be inherited. This is being said directly by U.S. experts. Whether this is effective for him or not, we will see from the election results, but let me repeat once again that we will work with any president who is elected and who will want to work with us.

So…the Russian president and dictator (and murderer, guilty of civil rights, etc) loves Donald Trump. How awful

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