Fox News FINALLY Admits Benghazi Hearings Were An Attempt To DESTROY Hillary, Infamous “Stand Down” Order Debunked – (VIDEO)

Republicans and various American “patriots” and conspiracy theorists have been saying for years that Hillary Clinton intentionally delayed (or blocked) military reinforcements that could’ve saved the American embassy in Benghazi. On Wednesday, that theory was finally debunked forever.

In an interview with Fox News, Select Committee on Benghazi leader Rep. Trey Gowdy admits that entire narrative…the one that firmly blames then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the death of four Americans…is not true. There was no way that American troops could have reached the embassy in time to save anyone. Earlier this week, a letter from two House Democrats revealed that the GOP’s own chief investigator acknowledged during the investigation that nothing “could have been done differently to affect the outcome in Benghazi. Gowdy says, “Whether or not they could have gotten there in time, I don’t think there is any issue with respect to that, they couldn’t.”

No “stand down” order was ever given. The local CIA commander told his security contractors to not rush into the consulate site until local militia support and heavy weapons could be found. Even with that reasonable caution, the Quick Reaction Force was on-site 24 minutes after the first radio call for help. That is a near-miraculous and instantaneous response.

The Department of Defense could have changed the laws of space and time. Air Force bombers and National Missions Force personnel deployed to Sicily arrived well after the attack ended and after survivors had left Benghazi and were out of danger. Many pundits believe that if the president had snapped his fingers, fighter jets would have miraculously appeared over Benghazi, with adequate fuel, bombs, intelligence, and targets to stop.

Of course this is leading to a new conspiracy theory… that Hillary did give the stand down order, but the GOP leadership is dropping it to give her a better chance of beating Trump in November.


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