BREAKING: FBI Director James Comey IS DONE

On Friday FBI James Comey sent a letter to Congress which in effect, re-opened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails…even though the emails in question weren’t even sent by Hillary Clinton.

Now we know that Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates objected to Comey’s decision to send the letter to Congress.


Comey decided to IGNORE their objections and sent the letter anyway, shaking the presidential race just 11 days before the election and nearly four months after Comey said he wouldn’t recommend criminal charges overHillary’s use of the server.

The officials acknowledged there was little Lynch and Yates could do given the fallout over Lynch’s controversial meeting over the summer with former President Bill Clinton.

From CNN:

Lynch and Yates objected after Comey gave advance notice to top officials at the Justice Department before sending the letter to lawmakers, law enforcement officials briefed on the matter said. Justice officials didn’t sign off on Comey’s decision and he didn’t seek their approval, one official said.

Instead, he made an independent decision to go against longstanding Justice Department and FBI practice to not comment publicly about politically sensitive investigations within 60 days of an election, the official said.


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