BREAKING: Melania Trump Makes HUGE Announcement – This Could Change EVERYTHING!

Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, just tweeted the following:

So, Melania Trump is finally going to make one of those speeches that Donald touted on their interview on ABC’s Good Morning America.

When GMA host Stephanopoulos questioned Melania Trump about whether she’d physically get out there on the campaign trail and stump for Trump, she wasn’t as confident, saying, “We will see. My priority is my son Barron and I support [my husband] 100% and I’m there for him every time he needs me.”

That’s when Trump dropped the bomb, saying that Melania would give two or three speeches soon, something that seemed to really surprise Melania. Trump explained that her speeches would be “big” and “important”, sating, “She’s amazing when she speaks. She is an amazing public speaker. She’s agreed to do two or three speeches, and I think it’s going to be big speeches, important speeches.”

Obviously the Trump campaign is pushing Melania out in hopes she can capture some of the female vote that Trump has lost. But, it’s understandable if Melania isn’t eager to give speeches on the campaign trail, given what happened at the Republican National Convention in July, when she was publicly ripped apart after if was discovered that she plagiarized portions of Michelle Obama’s speech from 2008.

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