BREAKING: Major BOMBSHELL Just Released About Mike Pence – Trump Campaign Is LIVID

Well this is embarrassing!

Back in July when Donald Trump was selecting a running mate, he wanted New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. In fact, Trump offered Christie the spot. Trump is big on loyalty, and Christie has always been fiercely loyal to Trump.

But it was not meant to be, because Trump’s kids didn’t want Christie…they wanted Mike Pence.

While Trump was considering Christie, former campaign manager Paul Manafort was working to bring Pence on to the ticket by arranging meetings between the candidate and the Indiana governor.

The day after Trump chose Christie, a meeting was arranged in Indiana between Trump and Pence. Manafort wanted Pence as VP so badly, that he Trump that the plane had a mechanical problem, forcing them to stay in Indiana another night. That gave Manafort and other Trump aides time to convince their boss that picking Christie would have been politically unsound given the Bridgegate scandal.

Christie was obviously devastated, telling MSNBC, “If you’re a competitive person, like I am, and you’re used to winning, like I am – again, you don’t like coming in second, ever.”

And now, Mike Pence will always know he was second choice.

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