BREAKING: Fox News Just Dropped Vote-Rigging BOMBSHELL – Trump Campaign Celebrating!

Fox News, fair and balanced as always!

Fox News is reporting that people who have already cast their votes, whether by absentee ballots or early ballots, can still change their votes if they have a “change of heart”.

This “change of heart” is obviously a reference to Hillary Clinton’s recent troubles with the FBI, and their vague letter informing Congress of additional emails that may or may not be related to Clinton’s email server investigation.

Fox News writes:

“…but for anyone feeling voter’s remorse, a little-known election-law quirk allows for a do-over in some states. At least four states allow voters to change or cancel their early-absentee ballots, including battlegrounds Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The details vary from state to state.

In Wisconsin, absentee voters can change their ballots as many as three times before Election Day.”

Wisconsin GOP Rep. Sean Duffy (and former MTV reality star) thinks voter concerns about Clinton…including new revelations last week about her ongoing email controversy…might encourage early-absentee voters to change their minds.

Duffy said, “Hard folks on the right and the left are not going to change their mind. But you have these people in the middle who are ping-ponging as the information comes out. … And as they have a gut check … no doubt that’s going to drive them to Donald Trump and put him over the top.”


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