WATCH: President Obama DESTROYS Trump For Lashing Out At “SNL” – And It’s GLORIOUS! (VIDEO)

How much will we miss President Obama???

On Thursday President Obama gave a stump speech for Hillary Clinton in Miami, Florida, and he mocked Donald Trump for lashing out at “Saturday Night Live” on Twitter because the sketch comedy show made fun of him.

Obama said, “As Hillary points out, anybody that you can bait with a tweet is not someone you can trust with nuclear weapons. “Anybody who is upset about a ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit, you don’t want in charge of nuclear weapons.”

The crowd laughed, and Obama went on, miming texting and making a face: “No, I’m serious. This is a guy who, like, tweets, ‘They should cancel “Saturday Night Live.” I don’t like how Alec Baldwin’s imitating me.’ Really? I mean, that’s the thing that bothers you and you want to be president of the United States?”

To cheers, Obama, who has emerged as Trump’s taunter-in-chief, concluded his dig at the Republican nominee as he often does: “Come on, man. Come on.”

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