BREAKING: Video Footage Just Released That Trump Wants REMOVED From The Internet – WATCH IT BEFORE IT’S DELETED

Wow, the hits keep coming!

CNN has a new department called the “Kfile”, and their job has been to comb through old footage of Donald Trump to find whatever odd statements he has made in the past.

Well, they found a big one! In an 2008 interview with NY1, Trump praised Hillary Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, for their time in elected office.

When asked about Hillary Clinton’s legacy, Trump said, “Well, I think her history is far from being over. I’d like to answer that question in another 15 years from now. I think she is going to go down at a minimum as a great senator. I think she is a great wife to a president. And I think Bill Clinton was a great president.”

Trump continued, “You know you look at the country then. The economy was doing great. Look at what happened during the Clinton years. I mean, we had no war, the economy was doing great, everybody was happy. A lot of people hated him because they were jealous as hell. You know people get jealous and they hate you.”

While Trump and Clinton will go head-to-head in the final debate Wednesday night, he had nothing but nice things to say about her and Bill Clinton eight years ago.

“Bill Clinton was a great president. Hillary Clinton is a great woman and a good woman,” he said in the interview.


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