BREAKING: Trump Rape Victim Speaks Out In Exclusive Interview – Her Story Is TERRIFYING

Donald Trump has been accused of raping a 13-year-old girl, back in the 1990’s, during a “sex party” at the home of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. The accuser, known as “Katie Johnson” has repeatedly sued Trump, and was scheduled to give a press conference on Wednesday which she abruptly cancelled. Now Johnson has withdrawn her lawsuit.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Mail, Johnson recounted the three occasions where she alleges that Trump raped her. Johnson was living in NYC to “model”, and got involved with a model booker who also sent girls to work for Epstein as masseuses.

Johnson recalled:

When I got to the mansion it was basically the same thing, kind of meet people, entertain people, walk around. If someone requests something of you then…

Again Tiffany said I got requested and it was the same guy as before, it was Trump. And I was to give him oral sex.

I had never done that to anybody so I was a little nervous, so I walked up to him and moved in that direction and he kind of slapped me away and said, “what are you doing, you need to put a condom on.

Tiffany ran over and handed Johnson a condom and apologized profusely to the man she claims was Trump.

I felt very intimidated, he made a comment that I wasn’t doing it right, that I needed to take classes,’ she said. ‘He continued to let me do it, he didn’t tell me to stop. He said something to Tiffany a couple of time, “tell her to go faster”.
‘Tiffany was close by, then after a little while, I guess he was done with it and he went. I didn’t see him again that night.

Then Johnson described a “role-playing” incident where she was tied to a bed and raped by Trump and Epstein.

Again, from The Daily Mail:

He was pretty rough with me, I was already tied to the bed. I didn’t really know it was gonna be that, he pushed me around and tore off my clothes,’ she alleges.

She says she thought she would have to stimulate the real estate mogul orally or manually as had happened before.

It was like he was going for one thing, it was basically to have intercourse and I started crying and I asked him to stop and I asked Tiffany to come over, but he kept on,’ she claims.

If these accusations are true, they are obviously horrifying. The Daily Mail did mention the following:

DailyMail.com learned she has two DUIs and a felony drug possession on her record and a history of drug abuse.

What do you think, do you think she is telling the truth?

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