There Is Something Very Telling In Donald Trump’s Tweet Where He Is Watching Melania’s Speech – Can You Spot It?

On Thursday Melania Trump gave a speech, where she discussed her platform if she ends up as First Lady (God forbid). Her plans are to combat online bullying, despite the fact that her husband Donald Trump, is one of the Internet’s biggest all time bullies.

During her speech, Donald Trump tweeting out a photo of him watch Melania’s speech from his plane, where he said, “Watching my beautiful wife, Melania, speak about our love of country and family. We will make you all very proud.”

Did you spot it?

Trump is watching CNN. Which of course, he says he hates, and calls the “Clinton News Network”.


Let’s see what Trump has said about CNN in the past:

In this one, Trump tells his followers NOT TO WATCH CNN.

I could go on and on…but I think you get the gist.

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