BREAKING: Man Responsible For The “Assassination Attempt” At Trump’s Rally Speaks Out – It’s NOT What You Think

First off, it wasn’t an assassination attempt. A man was holding a sign that Trump supporters didn’t like, that caused a ruckus, and someone yelled “gun”. Next thing you know, we get tweets like this:

The man holding the anti-Trump sign how now spoken out.

Austyn Crites is from Reno, and said that he was holding the sign at the rally when Trump supporters wrestled him to the ground. The 33-year-old – who says he has been a registered Republican for about six years – said he was kicked, punched and choked, and feared for his life when the crowd turned on him at the gathering in Reno, Nevada.

“I had a sign that said ‘Republicans against Trump’. It is a sign that you can just print off online.”

Initially, there was the expected reaction of people around him booing, he said. “And then all of a sudden people next to me are starting to get violent; they’re grabbing at my arm, trying to rip the sign out of my hand,” he said.

Crites cited Trump’s treatment of Mexicans, Muslims and women as the reason he decided to protest again Trump, who he described as “a textbook version of a dictator and a fascist”.

Crites ended up bruised with a sore back, but otherwise was ok.


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