JUST IN: VP Joe Biden HUMILIATES Trump, Makes Him Look Like A FOOL! (VIDEO)

How much are we going to miss Joe Biden?

Joe Biden was a guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers Wednesday night, and host Meyers had some fun with the Veep, asking him, “How much do you wish you could debate Donald Trump?”

“I think it would be too easy. I want someone like Sarah Palin. It would be ah … I don’t know. You watch it and you go, ‘it can’t be happening.'”

But then the conversation turned more serious, focusing on Donald Trump and the accusations he has been facing over sexual assault allegations. Biden, who co-authored the Violence Against Women Act as Meyers brought up, called the language not “locker room talk” but the “textbook definition of sexual assault.”

Biden said, “The cardinal sin of all is a man raising his hand and taking advantage of women.”

BOOM. That’s it. What Trump is doing IS a sin, and it is unbelievable that conservatives and evangelicals continue to support him.

Biden concluded, “I can’t understand how anyone can justify the abuse of power.”


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