WATCH: SNL Perfectly SPOOFS Trump – While Sending A CRUCIAL And IMPORTANT Message (VIDEO)

Saturday Night Live obviously had to handle the crazy election this week, and that is how they began the show. At first glance, the opening sketch was a typically snarky look at both candidates. But with three more days to make an impact on an increasingly fractured nation, SNL broke character, and put the comedy of easy targets aside to make an impassioned plea.

The cold open, which saw Baldwin’s Trump make out with an FBI agent, Valdimir Putin, and a member of the KKK, took an even more surprising turn when Baldwin called a halt to the back and forth. Telling Kate McKinnon (who plays Hillary Clinton) that yelling awful things at her for the past few weeks was taking a toll on him, Baldwin dropped the Trumpian pout to earnestly address the camera.

After McKinnon and Baldwin ran around Times Square hugging strangers in both pro-Trump and pro-Clinton gear, they re-took the SNL stage to address the audience. McKinnon…with what sounded like real emotion in her voice, said SNL couldn’t tell its viewers who to vote for (though, for the most part, the show has made its preference clear), but the comedian reminded her fans they have opportunity to make their voices heard next Tuesday.

And with that…VOTE!!!

If you have neighbors who don’t have transportation, offer to drive them to their polling place!

If friends need help with childcare so they can vote, offer to babysit for an hour or two!



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