BREAKING: Final Monmouth Univ. Poll Released – THE ELECTION ISN’T GOING TO BE CLOSE!

Well here we are. Just a day until the election. And the final polls all seem to show Hillary Clinton is going to win this thing.

According to the national Monmouth University poll released Monday morning, Hillary heads into Election Day with a 6-point lead over Donald Trump.

Clinton gets 50% support among likely voters, followed by Trump at 44%, Gary Johnson at 4% and Jill Stein at 1%, with an additional 1% undecided.

On the penultimate day of the presidential election, Clinton and Trump still have high negatives. Fifty-five percent view Trump unfavorably, while 54% view Clinton unfavorably. Among registered voters, only 27 percent are satisfied with Trump as the Republican nominee. Fifty-four percent said they would have preferred another nominee “a great deal,” and 12 percent would have preferred a different nominee “just somewhat.”

And most importantly, the poll finds the vast majority of voters believe that the election outcome will be determined fairly rather than because the system was rigged.

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