JUST IN: Trump Maligns Hillary For Beyonce & Jay Z’s Campaign Performance, But Guess What Ted Nugent Did At Trump’s Rally? (VIDEO)

Donald Trump doesn’t have many celebrity supporters.

Let’s see…Scott Baio, Anthony Sabato Jr., who else am I missing?

Oh yeah, Ted Nugent…the singer who has called for the assassination of Hillary Clinton.

Trump slammed Hillary Clinton on Saturday for the profanity-laced performance rapper Jay Z delivered the previous night at a concert designed to galvanize her supporters. Trump said, “He used every word in the book last night. He used language last night that was so bad and then Hillary said, ‘I did not like Donald Trump’s lewd language.’ My lewd language. I tell you what, I’ve never said what he said in my life.”

Bring on Ted Nugent.

Warming up the crowd for Trump in Michigan, Nugent wanted to let the crowd know what he thought about the state being labeled Democratic.

“I got your blue state right here,” Nugent shouted while grabbing his crotch.

He also added some profanity of his own, claiming Michigan has “the hardest working sh*tkickers mankind has ever known.”


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