BREAKING: Guam Has Always Accurately Predicted The Presidential Winner – Guess Who Just Won The Tiny Island Territory??

It looks like Guam is with her!

Hillary Clinton was declared the overwhelming winner in the U.S. territory of Guam early Tuesday morning. The tiny Pacific island, whose residents are American citizens, hold a general election straw poll every four years, and its results are announced hours before the polls close on the mainland. The poll is nonbinding, however, as Guam has no Electoral College votes. Nor are its residents allowed to vote by absentee ballot.

Clinton received 71.63% of the vote, while Trump picked up 24.16%. Third-party candidate Emidio Soltysik of the Socialist Party grabbed the remaining 4.22%.

The votes may not count in the electoral college, but the more than 30,000 voters who cast their ballot are watched closely: Guam has accurately predicted the winner in every presidential election since 1984.

Let’s hope that as goes Guam, goes the country!

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