JUST IN: Whoopi Goldberg DESTROYS “Delusional” Kellyanne Conway On The View – And It Is PERFECT! (VIDEO)

I must give it to Kellyanne Conway, she has balls.

Conway appeared on ABC’s The View, and was pretty much destroyed from the minute she sat down.

Conway started out by speaking of her “love” for a recent ABC News poll, which shows Trump barely beating Clinton 46% to 45%. “It’s our favorite poll,” Conway said, before Goldberg interjected, “Wait, didn’t you guys say the polls were rigged?” Conway replied that she would never say that, since she loves polls.

“Actually your man did say that,” Goldberg said. “Your man said for a while that the polls were rigged. I’m just saying, that’s what he said.” Goldberg went on to ask Conway whether she loves the media now, as well. Conway replied that she’s “always been pro-media.” When asked if she remembered how Trump called the media crooked, she retorted, “Not all.”

“He said, the media is crooked, the polls are crooked, everything was crooked, and now he’s doing better because they’re neck-in-neck, and I’m just wondering, will it be crooked again if he slips in the polls? Are we back to crooked?” Goldberg replied.

When Conway teased that Trump would come on The View after he wins the election, Goldberg shot back, “I don’t care if he ever comes back on this show,” adding, “He’s been very nasty about people I care about,” perhaps in reference to former co-host Rosie O’Donnell.


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