WATCH: CNN’s Van Jones ATTACKS Trump Surrogate Kayleigh McEnany After She Spews PURE HATRED (VIDEO)

Wow, now this was a fight, and Van Jones is p*ssed off!!!

Both Democrat Van Jones and Trump Surrogate Kayleigh McEnany joined a CNN panel with Anderson Cooper on Wednesday night and discussed the protests happening across the country that were triggered by Donald Trump’s White House victory.

Jones stated, “This is frankly the beginning of the anti-Trump resistance.”

Jones discussed how Americans of color, Latinos, Muslims, the black community are terrified of Trump’s win, especially based on his campaign rhetoric. McEnany then tried to tell Jones how no one should be “stoking fears” in Americans, how people are terrified of Trump’s presidency because of the way the media portrayed him.

“That’s enough,” Jones cut in. “Now hold on a second. Muslim parents that are afraid right now aren’t afraid because of these kids with these signs. They are afraid because he said over and over again he wanted to ban people of their faith.”

“You want to explain to me why people who are scared shouldn’t be afraid,” Jones said, as McEnany pleaded over and over that he has to “correct that fear” in people.

“Back off,” Jones shot back. “You need to have a little bit of empathy and understanding for people who are afraid because your candidate has been one of the most explosively provocative candidates in the history of our country and there is a price to be paid for that.”

As McEnany once again tried to cut him off, Jones retorted, “I am not going to be talked over tonight. I’m not. You have people who are terrified and you have to take some responsibility for it.”

I’m surprised people are still so angry…how long do you think the anger will last??

Let us know in the comments below!!!


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