BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Just Told Supporters Why She Lost – This Is INFURIATING!!!

Hillary Clinton believes she knows why she lost, and it is because of the FBI.

Hillary told donors in a conference call Saturday that FBI Director James Comey dealt a double blow to her candidacy in the final days of the campaign by taking another look at emails related to Clinton’s private server before abruptly saying he found no wrongdoing.

She said the first letter from Comey, sent to Congress on October 28th, stopped the momentum she had built after three debates and the release of Trump’s “Access Hollywood” tape. Clinton told participants that the campaign’s data saw her numbers plunge after the first letter, then rebounded. But the second letter, she said, awakened Donald Trump’s voters.

The second letter, which came nine days later and exonerated Clinton, simply fired up Trump supporters and didn’t put any on-the-fence voters who had been leaning her way at ease.

Hillary said the FBI development was too much to “overcome,” but she acknowledged there were other headwinds facing her campaign that they didn’t adequately combat.

Do you agree? Or do you think Hillary should take the blame??

Let us know in the comments below!!!

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