NEWS ALERT: Trump Sends Ultimate “F*CK YOU” To His Supporters – Completely Reverses Course On Two MAJOR Campaign Promises

Oh Trump supporters, how you have been fooled. Trump told you what you wanted to hear, and not even a week after winning the election, he is backtracking and changing course.

First Trump announced that he would be keeping parts of Obamacare in tact.

Now it is being reported that Trump will keep the Iran deal as is, and won’t move the Israeli Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Walid Phares, one of Trump’s top foreign policy advisers, said Trump will “review” the Iran nuclear agreement, but will stop short of ripping up the landmark international pact. Phares also said that Trump might not move the US Embassy to Jerusalem immediately and said he would make negotiating an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal a priority right off the bat.

Speaking to BBC Radio on Thursday, Phares said the nuclear deal, which Trump has railed against and vowed to dismantle, would instead be renegotiated with Tehran.

“Ripping up is maybe a too strong of word, he’s gonna take that agreement, it’s been done before in international context, and then review it,” he said, according to a CNN recording of the interview.


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