JUST IN: Michelle Obama Poses For Vogue – Is Immediately ATTACKED By Racists Calling Her “GORILLA” And WORSE! (IMAGES)

Michelle Obama is on the December cover for Vogue Magazine, and racist trolls are already attacking her online.

In the article, Obama reflects on her time as first lady and what she’s done to help redefine the role. “I could have spent eight years doing anything, and at some level, it would have been fine,” she told the magazine. “I could have focused on flowers. I could have focused on decor. I could have focused on entertainment. Because any first lady, rightfully, gets to define her role. There’s no legislative authority; you’re not elected. And that’s a wonderful gift of freedom.”

From Yahoo News:

So now that her duty to her country is nearly done, what’s next for Michelle Obama? She says she can’t be too sure right now, but she does know she wants to continue to use her status and platform to help others. “I will always be engaged in some way in public service and public life,” she said. “The minute I left my corporate-law firm to work for the city, I never looked back. I’ve always felt very alive using my gifts and talents to help other people. I sleep better at night. I’m happier.”

But Michelle Obama’s class and grace always brings out of the worst people, and this is what they have to say about our AMAZING first lady:








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