NEWS ALERT: Ivana Trump Has A Possible Place In Trump’s Administration (THIS IS NOT A JOKE)

Ivana Trump wants to be in her ex-husband’s new administration. Yes, you read that correctly.

“I will suggest that I be ambassador for the Czech Republic,” Ivana told The New York Post on Friday.

“[That] is where I’m from and my language and everybody knows me. I’m quite known all around the world. Not only in America. I have written three books, and they were translated in 40 countries in 25 languages. I’m known by the name Ivana. I really did not need the name Trump.”

Ivana also had some other interesting tidbits:

The 67-year-old socialite, who was the mogul’s first wife, warned that Midtown will be in for plenty of traffic headaches, as The Donald will not want to forgo his life at Trump Tower — even if the Secret Service wants him to.

“I don’t think he will ever give up [his apartment at] the Trump Tower,” Ivana said. “I know it is probably inconvenient for the residents, but he is going to work it out. But he is moving to White House [as his primary residence].

“To be perfectly honest, I think probably the Trump Tower and my town house in New York is much better than the White House,” she added with a laugh. “But Donald is very right. He said if a lot of presidents before can live in here, so can [he] . . . I don’t think he’s going to do gold leafing in the White House.”

She also expects her ex to forsake the jet that typically serves as Air Force One for his personal $100 million Boeing 757.

“I think he probably will keep his own plane,” she said. “He’s very happy in his own plane.”

He’s just not happy with the idea of travel, she says.

“Donald is like a good French wine. He doesn’t like to be moved and traveled,” Ivana said. “The last 18 months, he traveled as much as he ever has in his life. Thank God he has his private plane, but still, it was brutal. It’s not going to get any better; it will get worse in the White House.”

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