BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Breaks Silence – Is Preparing To Fight For The White House!

Hillary Clinton lost. Well, she lost the electoral college. Hillary has a lead in the popular vote of over TWO MILLION VOTES.

One of the top reasons Democrats feel Hillary lost, is due to the vast amount of fake news sites that cram Facebook with their sensationalistic headlines, such as “Hillary Will Be Indicted By The FBI – Your Prayers Have Been Answered!”.

Now, the Clinton team plans to fight back.

Clinton chief digital strategist, Teddy Goff, said, “Everyone has the right to say what they want, have access to sites that they want, share what they want. But a publisher with a record of making stuff up is not likely to rank that highly on Google, and the equivalent ought to be the case on Facebook.”

From Politico:

Critics on the left say false headlines on Facebook harmed Hillary Clinton and helped swing the election to Donald Trump. One fake news story titled “FBI Agent Suspected in Hillary Email Leaks Found Dead” from sources like The Denver Guardian, The Free Patriot and Red Flag News circulated on the social network prior to the election. Another, under the headline “Michelle Obama Deletes Hillary Clinton From Twitter,” was picked up by conservative radio host Sean Hannity, who later apologized for spreading the lie.

Goff, who also served as digital director for Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign, said fake news on Facebook painting Clinton as corrupt, criminal or otherwise beyond the political pale did have an impact — and he said Democrats, even before the election was over, started looking at how to address it.

“Two, three weeks ago, many of us are beginning to talk about what a big problem this is, both from the campaign and from the administration, and just sort of broader Obama orbit, and are talking about, this is one of the things we would like to take on post-election,” he said. “This is something we were very aware of, saw zero percent chance Facebook was going to be compliant or work with us during the election, but wanted to take on post-election.”

Goff declined to shed light on the strategy he says is in the works, other than to say that it would target “one or two people” at the company, including Zuckerberg. He also declined to say whether anyone within the Clinton campaign has reached out to the company to make their case.

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