BREAKING: President Obama Makes DEVASTATING Announcement About Trump – This Is A HUGE WARNING SIGN

According to the Wall Street Journal, President Obama was so shocked at how little Donald Trump and his advisers appeared to understand about the myriad duties and responsibilities the President-elect would be taking on at the White House that he will “spend more time with his successor than presidents typically do” to provide him with additional guidance.

The report from the WSJ says that Trump “seemed surprised by the scope” of responsibilities he would be taking on as President and his aides were not even aware that the President-elect would have to hire a full White House staff.

As a result, Obama, after the meeting, “realized the Republican needs more guidance,” The Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter, and would plan to “spend more time with his successor.”

Trump has no idea what he is doing! He didn’t even know that he had to hire West Wing staff, which is truly incredible.

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