JUST IN: Trump Has Formed A SICKENING New Alliance, Could Be DEVASTATING For The Country (VIDEO)

It appears that Donald Trump has reached out and thanked Alex Jones for his support of his candidacy.

In a video, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones claimed that he received a phone call from Donald Trump personally thanking him and his supporters for his election victory.

“Donald Trump gave me a call,” Jones said. “And I told him, ‘Mr. President-elect, you’re too busy, we don’t need to talk.’ But we still spent over five minutes.”

“He said, ‘Listen, Alex, I just talked to the kings and queens of the world, world leaders, you name it. But he said, ‘It doesn’t matter, I wanted to talk to you to thank your audience, and I’ll be on in the next few weeks to thank them.”

Alex Jones is truly insane.

From The Huffington Post:

Jones has long been on the fringes of the conservative movement, using his radio show and his website,, to propagate widely debunked or baseless conspiracy theories ― such as the notion that the Clintons are murderers or that mass shootings in recent years were permitted by the government as excuses to strip away Americans’ rights.

But he was also among Trump’s most ardent media allies throughout the president-elect’s often-volatile and controversial campaign. In the video, Jones railed against mainstream news outlets, calling Fox News “fake right-wing news” and labeling CNN “pathetic.” He also praised his own audience for backing Trump.


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