BREAKING: Details Emerge About Hillary’s Election Loss … THIS IS TRAGIC

Hillary Clinton is ahead of Donald Trump by over 1 million votes, and will almost definitely win the popular vote. Cook Political Report notes that, as of Tuesday afternoon, Clinton leads Trump 61,964,263 votes to his 60,961,967.

Voter turnout is already up from 2012: 129,710,636 to 129,075,630. As tallied so far, turnout was up 3.3% in 13 swing states that decide the election, but down 0.9% everywhere else.

The final vote tallies are not in for all the states, though Trump defeated Clinton in the Electoral College by eking out victories in the swing states.

Democrats also lost the election, though won the popular vote, in 2000. Republicans have won the popular vote in a general election only once in the last seven presidential elections, in 2004.

This is heartbreaking. Popular vote should determine the winner, not the electoral college.

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