WATCH: Kellyanne Conway Gleefully MOCKS People Protesting Against Trump – DISGUSTING! (VIDEO)

Kellyanne Conway is gross.

Ever since massive protests against “President-Elect” Donald Trump have erupted nationwide since the election, Trump’s team is lashing out.

“We are just treating these adolescents and millennials like precious snowflakes,” Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said on Sean Hannity’s Fox show Wednesday night.

Both Conway and Hannity slammed the protesters for being privileged, saying that because both of them came from “humble beginnings” they would never protest against the president.

“It is really time for these little pampered spoiled brats to get over themselves,” said Hannity. “Did I ever send you hot cocoa? Did I ever give you a crying room because you lost? Did we ever protest together? I don’t think so,” he said to Conway.

“Maybe a cigar and a cognac here and there, which is more our style,” Conway replied. “And certainly not to degrade the office of the president or cry crocodile tears into that cognac about who had won the election.”

“I was raised the way you were raised. Very humble beginnings. But most importantly we were raised to respect the office of the presidency and current occupant and the flag. And that’s it. All that that represents,” said Conway.


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