WATCH: Saturday Night Live SKEWERS Liberals In Election Sketch – Do You Think This Is True (VIDEO)

Saturday Night Live has been having a field day with the election, particularly with its skits of Donald Trump. Now, they are giving liberals a hard time.

This week’s sketch was called “The Bubble,” and mocked liberals for our social justice ways. Safety-pin-wearing progressives, ensconced in their safe, liberal (usually online) space where nobody disagrees with them (and anyone who does can get muted, blocked, unfriended, or reported), might not be as aware as they think of what’s going on in the rest of the nation.

In the sketch the progressives see themselves as “open-minded” thinkers who have decided to close themselves off from anyone who might challenge their world view. Only “safe” websites and bland bar conversations full of vehement agreement are allowed. And their currency? Why, Bernie bucks, of course.

We aren’t this bad…are we???

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