BREAKING: The Queen Of England Makes HUGE Announcement About Trump

The government of the United Kingdom is using the Queen to reach out to Donald Trump and establish a good relationship with his administration after his inauguration. The Queen is expected to extend a formal invitation to Trump soon after he is sworn in as president on January 20, according to the Sunday Times.

Theresa May’s government considers the Queen as its “secret weapon” to maintain London’s traditionally close ties with Washington, according to unnamed sources cited in the Times report.

As the U.K. gears up to divorce the European Union, they are expected to further amplify their relationship with the U.S., seeking bilateral trade deals and closer security and defense cooperation. If all goes according to plan, the Queen will welcome President Donald Trump in her country, either in June or July next year.

You just KNOW Trump will love hobnobbing with the Queen…and Melania will be able to spend thousands on hats and spectators. Makes me sick.

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