BREAKING: Discussions To ABOLISH “The Office Of The First Lady” Are Happening!

According to Politico, the office of the First Lady should be abolished.

This discussion is happening because Melania Trump has decided to maintain Trump Tower as her full-time residence and not to move to the White House any time soon. The cost of maintaining Secret Service protection for Melania will be incredibly expensive, to both the U.S. Government (and us taxpayers), as well as the city of New York.

Politico says:

According to a 2011 PolitiFact piece, Michelle Obama has a staff of about 25, roughly the same size as Laura Bush’s. Hillary Clinton’s staff oscillated between 13 and 19. Nancy Reagan had about 15 people working for her, and one account puts Rosalynn Carter’s staff at about 21, so it’s not as if the office is fattening like an unkillable federal program. The real problem with the office of the first spouse isn’t that it’s large but that it exists at all. Nobody elected the first spouse. The voters owe her no more than they do the children, siblings and uncles of the president.

The office of the first spouse is a rancid barrel of presidential pork that has outlived its usefulness. Melania Trump would do us all a great service if she told her husband she had better plans for the next four years—resuming her modeling career or raising her son, Barron, for example—than hectoring us about the menace of cyberbullying, her self-choice topic or serving a ceremonial function at media events.

Plus, it is incredibly obvious that Melania Trump has NO desire to be First Lady. She wants to be a rich trophy wife, and honestly, more power to her. She deserves it for having to look at Donald Trump all day.

What do you think, should the office of First Lady be abolished?

Let us know in the comments below!!!

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