JUST IN: Trump Is FURIOUS At The Media, Because They Show He Wears Bobby Pins In His Hair (PHOTOS)

Donald Trump summoned all the top media people to his lair in Trump Tower for a supposed powwow. It turned out to be a lashing, because Trump doesn’t like how the media portrays him…such as showing photos of him with a double chin, or with bobby pins in his hair.

The source said the meeting started with a typical Trump complaint about the “dishonest media,” and that he specifically singled out CNN and NBC News for example as “the worst.” He also complained about photos of himself that NBC used that he found unflattering, the source said. Trump turned to NBC News President Deborah Turness at one point, the source said, and told her the network won’t run a nice picture of him, instead choosing “this picture of me,” as he made a face with a double chin. Turness replied that they had a “very nice” picture of him on their website at the moment.

And we can never forget the time Trump forgot to take the bobby pins out of his hair before he went on stage in Mexico.

Take a look:




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