BREAKING: Guess How Much It Will Cost Us To Protect The Trump’s For Thanksgiving?


What have we heard from the right…that Obama is always on vacation, costing the country millions of dollars, etc.

But guess how much it will cost to protect Trump and his family just for Thanksgiving?


This is because Trump’s family is so large.

There are 18 people to be protected.

Donald Trump
Melania Trump
Barron Trump
Ivanka Trump
Jared Kushner
Arabella Kushner
Joseph Kushner
Theo Kushner
Eric Trump
Lara Trump
Donald Trump, Jr.
Vanessa Trump
Tristan Trump
Chloe Trump
Spencer Trump
Donnie Trump
Kai Trump
And of course long suffering Tiffany Trump

This will require 150 Secret Service agents.

Once Trump becomes president, there will be 920 Secret Service personnel assigned to him. This is UNPRECEDENTED. Once he is president, it will cost at least $2 million dollars a day, plus $1 million a day while Melania Trump remains in NYC. And Donald Trump is making money off of this, because the Secret Service must buy seats on Trump’s plane, which goes right into his pocket.



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