WATCH: Donald Trump Releases The Most LUDICROUS Thanksgiving Message – This Is SICKENING!!! (VIDEO)

The very idea of Donald Trump addressing the nation makes me sick to my stomach.

On Wednesday Trump released a video where he pleaded for unity in a Thanksgiving message. Trump acknowledged the bitter nature of the presidential campaign in the video, and called for the country to look past partisan divisions as his administration takes power.

Trump said, “This historic political campaign is now over. But now begins a great national campaign to rebuild our country and to restore the full promise of America for all of our people. I am asking you to join me in this effort. It is time to restore the bonds of trust between citizens. Because when America is unified, there is nothing beyond our reach, and I mean absolutely nothing.”

And in case you briefly forgot what a POS Trump is, take a look at this tweet Trump sent on Thanksgiving three years ago:


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