WATCH: Kellyanne Conway BETRAYS Trump On LIVE TV – EXPLODES In Anger Over Possibility Of Mitt Romney As Sec. Of State (VIDEO)

Kellyanne Conway is not a happy woman.

Donald Trump is considering Mitt Romney for Secretary of State, which in all honesty, would be the best possible choice. I know, I can’t believe I am saying that either. But compared with Rudy Giuliani, Romney would obviously be our best shot at foreign diplomacy.

But many Trump supporters don’t want Romney near Trump’s cabinet, including Kellyanne Conway.

Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Conway tried to make a case against Romney as Secretary of State.

“People feel betrayed to think that Gov. Romney, who went out of his way to question the character and the intellect and the integrity of Donald Trump, now our president-elect, would be given the most significant Cabinet post of all, secretary of state,” Conway told host Chuck Todd.

“They feel a bit betrayed that you can get a Romney back in there after everything he did.”

Conway also questioned Romney’s credentials for the job, saying, “Gov. Romney in the last four years, I mean, has he been around the globe doing something on behalf of the United States of which we’re unaware? Did he go and intervene in Syria, where they’re having a massive humanitarian crisis? Has he been helpful to Mr. Netanyahu?”

Conway’s comments continued the public bashing of Romney that has been playing out, with top surrogates like Mike Huckabee and Newt Gingrich also going after the former Massachusetts governor. The spectacle has made it less likely that Romney will land at Foggy Bottom come January.

“I’m all for party unity, but I’m not sure that we have to pay for that with the secretary of state position,” Conway said. “We don’t even know if Mitt Romney voted for Donald Trump.”

Do you think Mitt Romney would be the best choice??

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