WATCH: Former Mexican Pres. Vicente Fox CRUSHES Trump – Compares To Castro – Trump Is LIVID (VIDEO)

Former Mexican president Vicente Fox appeared on Fox Business with Dagen McDowell Tuesday morning, and discussed his relationship with the recently deceased Fidel Castro.

Fox used the opportunity to criticize his frequent target, Donald Trump. “That kind of dictatorship, that kind of authoritarian leader is very similar to Trump,” Fox said of the U.S. president-elect. “They lie, they cheat, they are false prophets, they promise many things but are not going to be able to comply.”

In response, McDowell interrupted Fox to say that comparing Castro to Trump is “beyond the pale” and “repugnant,” citing the Cuban dictator’s role as a “murdering thug” who tortured and imprisoned dissidents. She demanded her guest take back his comments, but Fox refused, repeating that he views both Castro and Trump as “authoritarian” leaders who “imposed their wills” on the people they lead.



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