BREAKING: Trump Caught Selling Access To The White House, $1 Million Buys A Lot!

Donald Trump promised to “drain the swamp” in Washington, but he is now seeking to raise tens of millions from those he pilloried to pay for the parties and festivities surrounding his swearing-in.

According to fundraising letters, the 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee, which is organizing celebrations around the Jan. 20 event, including the official inaugural balls, is pitching “underwriters” on packages that cost between $25,000 to more than $1 million that provide exclusive access to Trump, Mike Pence, and members of Trump’s future Administration.

The $25,000 package includes a slot a “select” Washington, D.C., hotel for the inauguration weekend, tickets to the inaugural ball, the swearing-in, the inaugural parade and an “entertainment-filled welcome reception.”

Other packages include access to a a “Leadership Luncheon,” an “exclusive event with select Cabinet appointees and House and Senate leadership,” tickets to an “intimate dinner with Vice President-elect Mike Pence and Mrs. Karen Pence,” a “Ladies Luncheon” to meet the women of the Trump and Pence families and a candlelight dinner with the First and Second families.

The top-tier $1,000,000+ package includes “priority booking at premier Inaugural hotel,” along with VIP access to the other events.

Mind you these donors still need to pay for their hotel…their “donation” only gives them priority booking. Rates per night during inauguration are $1000 and up, and donors are required to book for a minimum of 4 nights.

President Obama banned corporate and lobbyist donations to his inaugural activities and limited individual contributions to $50,000.

You can see the full letter with list of donor packages, etc. HERE.

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