BREAKING: Trump Just SCREWED OVER His Supporters Big Time – Made Decision That MAKES THEM LOOK LIKE FOOLS!

Remember those promises to “drain the swamp”? How Trump would stay away from lobbyists and Wall Street money? Remember how Trump railed on Hillary Clinton for her speeches (while she was a private citizen) to Goldman Sachs? And remember how Trump’s supporters just ate it up?

Well, guess who Donald Trump has chosen as his Treasury Secretary?

He chose Steven Mnuchin, who worked at Goldman Sachs for 17 years. Mnuchin served as national finance chairman for Trump’s presidential campaign.

In addition to working at Goldman Sachs, Mnuchin went on to become a financier of movies like “Avatar.”

This choice runs counter to Trump’s anti-establishment message and his constant bashing of Hillary Clinton for her paid speeches to Goldman Sachs throughout his campaign. Mnuchin also worked for OneWest Bank, which came under fire for improperly foreclosing on homes following the housing crisis.

Do you think Trump’s supporters will care??

Let us know in the comments below!!!

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