BREAKING: Pennsylvania Vote Gap Just Dropped By 25,000 VOTES – THIS IS HUGE! (STATS)

Up until now, the Pennsylvania vote gap was around the 70,000 votes, depending on the source. If this tweet is accurate, it just dropped to 46,435.

From The Daily Kos:

According to the Cook Report spreadsheet (which hasn’t been updated with this yet…it was posted less than 20 minutes ago), here’s where things stand:

WI: Hillary down 22,177
MI: Hillary down 10,704
PA: Hillary down 46,435
Total: 79,316

80,000 people.


She just needs to flip the votes of 40,000 people in those 3 states.

40,000 people. And she wins those three states which would win her the electoral college.

Recounts has been filed in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

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