BREAKING: Trump Says He’s Saving 1,000 Jobs At Indiana Carrier Plant – But There Is A HUGE Catch

It’s been a non-stop story the past two days.

Donald Trump is already saving jobs! He’s keeping jobs in the U.S. and preventing them from going to Mexico!

And remember, while yes, 1,000 jobs will remain in the U.S., he is not making NEW jobs…a huge difference.

Trump sent these tweets:

And this one is priceless, because this Carrier plant doesn’t make air-conditioners, they make furnaces:

A day before this tweet, Carrier released a statement on Wednesday saying: “We are announcing today that Carrier will continue to manufacture gas furnaces in Indianapolis.”

But here’s the thing. Carrier Corp.’s parent company, United Technologies Corp., will receive $7 million in tax breaks from the state of Indiana over a period of 10 years.

The deal, which was negotiated and championed by Trump and Mike Pence (still the Governor of Indiana), is contingent upon Carrier keeping 1,000 jobs in the U.S.

Trump and Pence are expected to speak on the agreement later Thursday.

Trump has been criticized from across the political spectrum for intervening, with many accusing the president-elect of employing cronyist tactics to give special treatment to certain private companies and industries.

So…congratulations, Carrier workers in Indiana! By getting a president who doesn’t believe in the free market and doesn’t believe in the economic freedom of individuals to trade with each other without government interference, your wages are about to be subsidized by every other taxpayer.

It probably sounds good to you right now — since you get to keep those jobs you aren’t willing to do as cheaply as those in Mexico — but wait until the whole system is extended to more and more and more companies.

The buying and selling of political favors will get worse. Taxpayer expense will go up. The deficit will get worse. And you will have no incentive to move on to work that would allow you to create more value.

Your “feel good” success story is terrible news in the long run, but who cares about the long-run consequences? There will be someone else to blame by then — and some other economic charlatan to make dumb promises by then. And you’ll be dead, so why should you care? Congrats.

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