NEWS ALERT: Trump Has Already Set A Presidential Record – And It’s The WORST ONE POSSIBLE

Donald Trump ran his campaign using a populist message.

Trump is for the little guy! Trump is going to be the man of the people, he is going to save the working class! Trump is going to “drain the swamp”!


Well, it turns out that Trump’s cabinet is the wealthiest cabinet of all time.

So far, his choices include a billionaire investor, a woman who married into a retail dynasty and a multi-millionaire banker.
Democrats have been quick to the attack. “Donald Trump’s administration: of, by and for the millionaires and billionaires,” tweeted Bernie Sanders, the Vermont senator who ran for the Democratic presidential nomination.

It was Trump’s insistence that he would “drain the swamp” in Washington and represent working-class Americans that won him support in blue-collar areas around the country. Will choosing such a wealthy cabinet alienate his voters?

Trump’s spokesman said that his appointments were not inconsistent with his campaign pledges. “You want some people that are insiders and understand the system and some outsiders that are creative thinkers, out-of-the-box thinkers and disruptors,” Anthony Scaramucci, of Trump’s transition committee, told Reuters news agency.

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