I Can’t Stop Watching Rachel Maddow OBLITERATE Trump So Hard She BURST OUT LAUGHING at Him On LIVE TV!

Rachel Maddow couldn’t keep herself from laughing at Trump’s most recent press release. In it, Trump stated that Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach, isn’t a mouthpiece for he and his team.

Maddow said,

“He’s the one who has said there will be an immigration ban on Muslims, there will be a registry of Muslims. Well, after that solid week of news from Kris Kobach, who says he’s the immigration guy in the Trump transition team, the Trump transition team said today that, actually, they’ve decided that Kris Kobach is not on the transition team. He’s just been on TV, every single day for the past week, speaking for the Trump transition team, on the issue of immigration, and apparently what they’re going to say about that is that they didn’t notice that he was doing that until now. ‘Hey, who’s that guy? None of us know him! He doesn’t speak for us!’”

That’s precisely when she lost it. She added,

“I think they’re trying to maintain here that Kris Kobach just made this stuff up and it was never Donald Trump’s positions. Donald Trump is on tape advocating a registry of Muslims, in the United States. But as of tonight, the Donald Trump President-Elect transition team says he never advocated that, and for good measure, what was the threat, ‘to imply otherwise is completely false,’and that’s insane. But that’s what every day in the news is like now.”

Watch the full video below:

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